Logo only! Revolutionary Biotech co. needs new, iconic identity

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Logo only! Revolutionary Biotech co. needs new, iconic identity


Your original vision needed - - no cliched DNA/double Helixes here! :-)

Background information



Brand Name

Complete Genomics

Brief Summary

Highly detailed design brief attached. Complete Genomics is the world's first human genome mass sequencing company - - uniquely enabling meaningful, accessible and medically relevant disease research.

Content details


Need original vision. As stated in the title, CompleteGenomics does not want cliched imagery of DNA/double Helixes in the logo. Please do NOT use the existing website look-and-feel as a guide; will be redesigned in the next few months around the new corporate identity that you create here. Basic themes of the logo/company identity (from the design brief): 1. All human technology focused on solving human diseases via DNA (genomic) sequencing (genomic sequencing uncovers the genetic basis of disease) 2. Complete Genomics provides a complete end to end solution Process is outsourced, analysis is provided, the whole thing is easy 3. Complete genomics uses a new technology- mass sequencing (ability to sequence hundreds of genomes. Mass capacity, power etc) The tagline will likely be DNA to Discovery But please … no DNA and double Helixes in the logos, that is too cliche

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