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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer andrie !

Contest title


New logo for a mountain biking brand


I need a fresh iconic logo for a site relaunch.

Background information


15 to 40-year olds (more men than women). Hardcore, extreme sport enthusiasts. Specifically, freeride mountain bikers:…iding.html

Brand Name

Bike Addict

Brief Summary

I'm an avid mountain biker (specifically: downhill/freeride), among several outdoor recreational activities. I spend too much time inside in an office in front of a computer and have been doing marketing for several years. I'm close to 40, but I play like I'm 20.

Content details

Requirements is a site I built a decade ago for fun. I'm in desperate need of a logo to help me with a relaunch/rebrand of the site. 1. The logo should be able to work well on a white background. It should not not need gradients or shadowing or light sources to enhance it (it should work great flat). It might just consist of an icon and lettering (as that's what I tend to like). For example: 2. This is a logo for a downhill/freeride mountain biking brand (so think extreme sport). Learn more here:…iding.html 3. Although there is NO requirement to have a bike illustration in the logo, please note that this is for "downhill" and "freeride" mountain biking (not bmx, road or cross country). More importantly, bike technology keeps changing so I don't want an outdated logo in 5 years as a result of an old bike design. If you do an illustration of a bike, keep it simple or you could do a silhouette. The less detail might be the better (unless you can pull of something magical) -- and I love magic. 4. I prefer simple designs. Very iconic. The kind that someone could redraw on their own from memory. I'm open to other designs, but I tend to not like busy, highly detailed illustrations in a logo. 5. Color is not important (meaning you don't have to go with the red and black of the current logo). Again, minimization is best here I think. 6. The freeride and downhill mountain biking scene is about the thrill of the ride. Fast, fun, stylized jumps. Steep hills. Gorgeous trails through tight singletrack. This video will give you a sample of the sport: