Logo/mascot needed for a brand new Fog Creek Software product

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Contest title


Logo/mascot needed for a brand new Fog Creek Software product


The FogBugz kiwi needs a friend!

Background information


The product's target audience is software developers.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

Fog Creek Software is working on a new product to help software developers make better software. It's called Kiln. We aren't quite ready to release all of the details about the product, but we need a logo/mascot for it so that the team working on Kiln can stop being jealous of FogBugz's sweet sweet Kiwi. Make sure you take a look at these websites to get a little more insight into the company and its products (and a good look at the kiwi): Fog Creek's website - FogBugz (and the kiwi) - NOTE: THERE WILL BE A $100 PRIZE FOR BOTH THE SECOND AND THIRD PLACE DESIGNS!

Content details


We are looking for a logo that incorporates the word "Kiln" and looks like it can exist in the same universe as FogBugz's kiwi. It could be the kiwi's kiln or the kiwi's new best firefly friend. We would love to see creativity and variety in the mascot options, just so long as it feels like the two logos could be put side-by-side and not look like they were from two different planets.

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