Logo for Marriage and Family Therapy Start up

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Contest title


Logo for Marriage and Family Therapy Start up


Terminated while pregnant and now I need to start my own business fast. Help!

Background information


My market is mothers or women. They usually are the person that calls about wanting therapy for their family. My usual referral is a bit anxious and needs to feel that the company will support them. They need to feel invited in, and protected.

Brand Name

The Family Guidance Center of Southern California

Brief Summary

I am a marital and family therapist that works with families and individuals, usually with disabilities such as autism. I am just starting out on my own and want my company to appear professional, yet not too stuffy or medical. I am youthful and want my image to project that.

Content details


I'd like to have a tree with my business name appearing somewhere under or on top of it. I really like the logo on eco citizon's website . I'd like to do something similar. I would like this image to look good in black and white, so when I print it on letter head it will not have to be in color all the time. I want the tree to be strong, but not daunting or sad. I want the tree to envoke a sense that the client will grow in therapy. I'd like a easier to read cursive font, but don't need it. You can be creative there. I also don't have a specific tree in mind, and would lik your support there. I don't want a lot of bright colors used, but maybe black and white with one other color or just black and white.

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