New LOGO for IPERNITY, a Web based Social Network

ipernity picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $589 they received 482 designs from 108 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New LOGO for IPERNITY, a Web based Social Network


icon + brandmark needed for the coolest sharing site of the internet!

Background information


-- Worldwide: mainly western Europe and US. -- Mature: aged 25+, both male and female -- Both family and photographers

Brand Name


Brief Summary is a social media on the internet aiming to become people’s home for digital life. ipernity offers the ultimate place to host, organize and share all kind of content (photo, blog, video…) produced by everyone during his whole life. Keywords: -- ipernity = IP (internet) + eternity -- home for digital life -- social media Brand values: -- timelessness -- simplicity -- universality -- sympathy To learn more, browse and even, sign up for free ;-)

Content details


We are looking for both ICON + BRANDMARK for Web use (main) and printing. -- the brandmark MUST WORK ALONE, without its icon -- ideally, the brandmark graphically separates "iper" from "nity" for a better reading and memorization -- the brandmark should be written using low case -- the brandmark must work horizontally, at the top left of ipernity pages, inside a 25 pixels high banner -- the icon must work inside a 16x16 pixels square -- the icon must be a piece of the brandmark, or something reminding the brandmark -- icon and brandmark must work on light / dark / colour background -- icon and brandmark must be viable in « white on black » and « black on white » -- vector-based graphics We recommend you to browse to see how it should work.

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