Logo for a : Home care agency in the United States

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Contest title


Logo for a : Home care agency in the United States


This coporation has two "dba"s, which I am hoping to somehow incorporate with the same logo. So a total of "3" names into one!

Background information


The Healthcare industry: Nursing homes, Skilled care facilities, Patients as individuals or their caregivers looking for care to their loved ones, Physician offices, legal representives/conservators holding the patient's trust or estate, etc..

Brand Name

1- the corporation name is: "Envoy Health Care, Inc."; 1st dba name: 1- At Your Leisure Home Care & 2nd is: 2- Elite Home Care

Brief Summary

Envoy Health Care, Inc. is the a corporation that is a parent for two small divisions, referred to as "dba"s. The "dba"s names are : 1- At Your Leisure Home Care; This specialized in providing Patients with companionship services at their place of residence. and the 2nd "dba"s name: "Elite Home Care": this specializes in providing patients with skilled care services at their place of residence. Both run under the regulations rules, policies and procedures of the Parent Corporation (Envoy Health Care,Inc)... Each dba has a separate office, address and telephone number, however, they are both marketed under the parent corporation. I am seeking a logo which will be attractive to both referral sources (ie Doctors, Nursing homes, Skilled care facilities, Conservators/legal representative of elderlies they hold their trust, as well for it to attract the individual patients who will be looking up the services in a basic phone book or the Web. I would like the Logo to show energy, life, commitment, reliability and for it to be unique. Please send me your ideas or questions if you have any. Thanks

Content details


I am open for suggestions as to how to use the logo to present the Corporation name, and whether to include in it the two "dba" names as well. Or whether we should all together. I am hoping to avoid long phrases, or it's best to stick with clear and straight forward methods. Abbreviation to the name is possible. Adding the dba's names to the Corporation's name as abbreviated is also a possibility. I would like to show class and elegance, so please share your ideas regarding the font to use as well as the color.

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