Logo for garage sale/classifieds business

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Contest title


Logo for garage sale/classifieds business


I need a nifty logo for new business - the vibe should be new and fresh, not typical icons.

Background information


Buyers and sellers.

Brand Name

Brief Summary

This is a site I am setting up to sell a bunch of my stuff. I have inherited a good number of antiques and also a ton of volkswagen parts and tools. I want to setup a site to sell them. Although that is my plan for now - I do not want the icon to be locked into those two. I would also like to parlay my items into a virtual thrift store and see if I can make this the next eBay/craigslist. That being said - give me your thoughts about a logo. I like clean and simple design...icon-esque.

Content details


Nice rectangular logo. would like to make sure the S's arn;t mixed up - so some sort of visual distinction of toms and stuff. Also - I like icons and that kind of design.

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