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    Tue, 22 Jan 2008 07:09:55 +0000

    LOL..i just forgot to mention here..I have read somewhere, someone has mentioned that the best logos in the world are simple..but I would like to say..the best logos are not the best because they are/were simple..but because they became best with the companies progress..You put nike sign on a will not be looking as good as it looks on its own company's, the products made logos popular..No one has liked apple or even nike logo in the beginning, but when the companies started growing, they started becoming the best. You should focus more towards logos compatibility with the concept of your site and not keeping "because its so simple, its the best..and it will be recognized everywhere" thought in mind..99designs needs an identity first, a very good start, which am sure it will be attaining, rather than branding 99designs around the chosen logo. Your site would be giving identity to your logo and not logo would be making it popular. You should be open to ideas and not just focus towards getting 99designs written in different styles, with different should depict "designs" concept somewhere..I am still astonished at shortlisted entries which include human faces, eyes and casino handles for are also not simple..hmmm..whats they reason they have been kept..?