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Contest title


Logo Design for Water Project Organisation


international volunteer organisation trying to make a difference

Background information


We’re looking to attract interest from both corporates; associations and individuals who are community minded and want to be involved in short term projects locally and overseas – generally dealing with third world countries.

Brand Name

BridgIT Water Foundation

Brief Summary

BridgIT Water Foundation is a group of individuals who want to reach out and try and help others with needs in a practical, on the ground manner – particularly in the area of providing clean water where it’s currently not easily attainable. We work on a voluntary basis providing out own finance. We’re a small group based on the north side of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – looking for worthy causes (projects) to involve ourselves with. As at the October, 2009 – we have a number of worthwhile projects under consideration in Tanzania and Bolivia.

Content details


It’s a blank canvas. Obviously the themes of water, bridges, bridging the gap, life flow are paramount. Colours: We want the colours to be bold and to stay clear of any colour that may be seen to represent race. We want only a few colours included. Design: Our thoughts are of two people (basic shapes)reaching out and embracing across the water. The logo design is for a website and a promotional brochure. We will require the logo provided as follows: Print file format - .ai (CMYK) – vector graphics, with descriptive layers Please do not use any clip art in the logo.