NEW Logo Design for Marriage Site: Help Couples Rebuild the Love

Jeff Radich picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $259 they received 83 designs from 18 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


NEW Logo Design for Marriage Site: Help Couples Rebuild the Love


Help brand this site designed to save marriages from divorce

Background information


Audience: • 77% women • 35-55 years old • 85% still married (with 11 % separated) • Married 15-25 years • Well educated (57% college or higher) • Most have household income of $100K or more.

Brand Name

Marriage Sherpa

Brief Summary

Summary: Develop a branded website that communicates a warm, personable organization that has networked knowledgeable marriage experts that provide step-by-step systems to help couples rebuild their marriage and make the love better than ever. Title: Marriage Sherpa Tagline: Find the Love Again Meaning: Sherpa has several meanings. The primary is that it refers to the Himalayan people living in Nepal and Tibet who are famous for their skill as mountaineers. They are expert guides. The positioning behind this site is that will be a location where the visitor will find useful information from very reputable experts that will help guide their marriages to find the love that they once had. Communication Goals: • A network of marriage experts • A strong guide • Leading experts who have the information and systems to walk a couple through the process to rebuild the love. Especially after a devastating event such as an affair. • A warm community Logo Design: • Simple • Warm and inviting • Implies two couples coming back together • Combine words, plus a clever icon that communicates o Guide o Enlighten o Teach o Unity o Harmony • The idea is that a married couple, once separated, can reunite and fix their marriage and make their love better than ever. • Work the tagline under the logo.

Content details


I'd like to see how it looks on white and also a black background.

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