Logo Design for an emergency preparedness startup

ChrisH picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $300 they received 215 designs from 71 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Logo Design for an emergency preparedness startup


Need a clean professional logo

Background information

Brand Name


Content details


  • Internationally recognizable, professional design
  • Will be used on websites, mobile interfaces, and in print
  • Clear, easy to read, easily scalable to various sizes
  • Simple, energetic, meaningful (customers must get the idea), visually evocative, engaging and empowering
  • Promoting the feeling of living life confidently, comprehensive, all-around preparedness and awareness
  • Needs to work on a light or dark background
  • Tagline "Live Confidently." [we should be able to use the logo with or without the tagline]
  • General look and feel of web 2.0 (modern, easy to read, intuitive) but not overly so
  • Use the degree sign (little circle) after the “360”
  • Deliver one version of design in black/white and one in full color
  • Deliverables formats: native photoshop/illustrator, .gif, .pdf
  • Focus on the overall impact and benefit (living live confidently, anywhere, anytime)

Don't Wants

  • Stay away from traditional scary/bright red emergency imagery. We want to promote the feeling of peacefulness and confidence, not to scare people.
  • No clipart

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