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by AlxRam
  • Contest started Sat, 20 Sep 2008 00:43:56 +0000
  • Last feedback Sun, 21 Sep 2008 23:15:33 +0000
  • 99% of designs have feedback
  • Client has no refunds
  • Fast-tracked
    Following the open round, the client will select a winning design. There is no refinement stage.
  • Guaranteed
    The client has guaranteed to award the prize.
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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer deadaccount !

Contest title


Logo for BicycleTutor.com


Simple and professional bicycle repair logo.

Background information

Brand Name


Content details


  • Two background options: Blue (003366) and white (FFFFFF).
  • Large PSD files so I can easily edit/resize as needed.
  • A square or circular symbol, with the text "BicycleTutor.com" to the right of it.

Don't Wants

  •  Too much detail, please keep it professional and simple!