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logo for Badminton Space, Inc.


NEW YORK CITY BADMINTON CLUB ( NYCB ) was established in 1996 by former China National Badminton Team player Mr.…

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Badminton Space, Inc.

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where we meet up with the passion for badminton !

Description of the organization and its target audience

NEW YORK CITY BADMINTON CLUB ( NYCB ) was established in 1996 by former China National Badminton Team player Mr. Chibing Wu. Mr. Wu had represented China in varies top ranked international tournaments and won numerous national and international titles throughout his professional carrier. Mr. Wu also won and ranked as US top badminton player since he moved to the states. He had over 20 years of coaching experience from high school club level to professional level players. He was head coach for numerous professional badminton clubs in China, Spain & USA. He is one of the few national level ( level 4 ) coach in the USA, the only one in tri-state area, who qualifies in coaching national level players and groups. NYCB is operated under BADMINTON SPACE, INC. which handling gym space usage, training classes, camps and tournaments throughout the year. It has 2 sub-clubs in New York: MANHATTAN Badminton Club & QUEENS Badminton Club. NYCB currently provides 7 days / week badminton practices ( club calendar – 2 gyms in Manhattan & 2 gyms in Queens. ) We offers the convenience for players to play on any of the days they prefer and at any of the location nearby. All locations are close to public transportation, public parking is also available.
NYCB has players from all over the world: China, India, Pakistan, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Swiss, France, Hungry, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, etc. NYCB has players’ levels also vary from beginners to international champions. You do not have to be good to join us. Many of the players convert from tennis, squash; many of them started to learn badminton from scratch and in their 30th or 40th! Even though, majority of players are adults, many of the teenagers from Metropolitan area, other states and other countries have been our club members for years too.So no matter what level you are at, you can always find someone here speaks your language and someone here to be your partner!


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