Lexie's™- Self Serve Frozen Yogurt and Custard


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Contest title


Lexie's™- Self Serve Frozen Yogurt and Custard


Create a new brand/logo showcasing the self serve concept in the store "create your own" flavors, toppings

Background information


Basically it is for anyone who is looking for a very tasty, yet healthy alternative to ice cream. The underlying theme of frozen yogurt is that it is healthy for you. Everyone is now looking for that type of alternative and if it can be offered in a fun and hip way, with flavors that are as good if not better than ice cream, and the customer can customize specifically to their liking, then it will appeal to a wide audience. The target markets I predict are: 1) Families, especially those that have just finished a hamburger next door and want a good desert or those that are looking for an alternative to a burger. 2) Kids - because of the many flavor offerings and more importantly the ability to put your own toppings on (like M&M's) that this will become a nightly destination for them to want to go to with their parents. 3) Teenagers - with the emergence of so much marketing hitting our teenagers to live a healthy lifestyle, this concept should become a meeting place after school and at night. It will be a hip place to hang out. 4) Women and men 25-50 - looking for a healthy dessert alternative 5) Elderly who have been told of the many health benefits of probiotic yogurt on their digestive track and ability to fight off disease.

Brand Name

Lexie's™(name of store) - Frozen Yogurt and Custard (sub header) - Join the Cultured Revolution™(Tag Line)

Brief Summary

I am creating a new Frozen Yogurt and Custard concept. I currently own and operate 3 hamburger and french fry places and now I am trying to create a new frozen yogurt brand. It will have a very innovative in store design that will be modern and appeal to a wide range of age groups, from kids to older adults. It will offer the healthy benefits of yogurt as well as many other healthy toppings and fresh fruit, and it will also offer the indulgences of a number of flavors of frozen custard with toppings like chocolate chips, graham crackers, m&m's, and numerous other candy toppings. It will also offer shakes and smoothies. What is different is that the customer will be able to create and customize it themselves. It will be a fun environment, with pop music playing in the background, and active lifestyle pictures on the wall. Lexie is the name of my daughter. I liked the name so much that I also thought it would be a good brand name for this concept. I also have two other boys that are not happy about me naming the store after their sister but they will have to get over it. I told them that maybe I will name some new flavors after them.

Content details


I am looking for a very creative design that takes the store name Lexie's ™ Frozen Yogurt and Custard and the tag line "join the cultured revolution™" and creates a logo design/brand that can be used for store signage, store cups to hold the Yogurt, the web site, and other marketing materials. I would like a picture that goes with the logo, maybe something like a little girl eating a cup of yogurt, or something depicting an active lifestyle, or just the cup of yogurt itself with some cool toppings in it. In the restaurant there will be photos of people rock climbing, running, and skiing so that "active" theme will be portrayed throughout the store. I would also like the tag line, "Join the cultured revolution" included in some of the designs. The winning design should be in formats that can be used both in electronic media and print.