Kaimbo - Logo for next generation Desktopsoftware

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Kaimbo - Logo for next generation Desktopsoftware


we need some cutting edge logo design

Background information


- young people... we want to sell some kind of "lifestyle" - older people... the software uses a completely new and intuitive approach to operate with computers, the message is something like "even grandpa can use it" - disabled people... we have different kinds of input methods (GUI / speech / guestures) and also output methods (text / speech out)

Brand Name

Brief Summary

We are a company from Germany providing the next generation of web3.0 based desktopsoftware and are in need of a Logo for our product, called "Kaimbo". The software is an approach to simplify the daily usage of the computer by making heavy use of semantics and Web 3.0 based data. Besides that it's possible to speak to the software (e.g.: "find hotels in new york for tomorrow") and the software can speak to the user as well (e.g.: reading some news text). Another big thing is the "knowledgebase", a profile of the user that is made and evaluated to adapt to his working habits (recommendations). think of it as some kind of artifacial intelligence. As being a very design centric company we know how important it is for designers to get feedback on a regular basis. We promise to provide this feedback at least once a day.

Content details


- logo should in the first way give a positive, non business oriented feeling to the client - it should be fun - it can (but doesn't necessarily have to) include some kind of mascot... something you can talk to and it talks to you - it should be clean and work in only a few colours, better even in monochromatic - it should work on dark background - if anyhow possible the font colour should be similar to #15adff attached is a mockup of the application, so that you a little bit get the feeling of the "style" we are aiming for the winner of this contest might earn an extra job to design about 10 logos for the website.

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