2K Usability Group Logo: Simple, Clean

2K Usability picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $364 they received 81 designs from 28 designers.

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2K Usability Group Logo: Simple, Clean


Focus on the user

Background information


Our clients are small developers and start ups, but we hope to secure larger established firms soon. We target the technical people... but also the business people in charge of the money who need to retain users. We help our technical clients find the simple issues that can be overlooked; company websites without phone numbers and clocks on DVD players that are impossible to set. Our clients spend months working on the same product and in the end, they create a product with an interface that is easy for them to understand. But, users aren't designers or developers. Users don't have months of experience with the product or background knowledge about its content. Users struggle, get lost, get confused and can't figure it out. What does "PC Load Letter" even mean? Does this "Save" button submit my work or save it for a later date? We remind our clients of the needs of every user. Our user-centered way of thinking results in simple improvements to interfaces that have huge impacts. By simply bringing the user into the design process, technology becomes easier and quicker to use. Users start to have fun. Technology becomes a tool, not a hinderance.

Brand Name

2K Usability Group

Brief Summary

2K Usability Group mission statement To enable every person access to every technology through the application, study, and teaching of usability What we do 2K Usability Group provides usability consulting services for mobile and web-based applications. We provide input for how companies can improve their interfaces from a usability standpoint. We user test, analyze, interpret, and recommend. Our Philosophy Our company follows a simple philosophy that all people deserve to use all technology. Users should not have to read documentation and no one should ever be left to figure anything out on their own. We want to make technology simple. Simplicity is the ultimate beauty. We love Apple's interfaces and automatic syncing, and Google's one line search box. We love it when the controls on your stove are laid out just like the actual burners are We strive to help developers create products like these. If we can teach people to consider their customers instead of just their code, then we'll make a better world.

Content details


We are seeking a logo which reflects our company culture, attitudes, and philosophy. The logo will be used on business cards, letter heads, and web sites. Adjectives -Simple -Clean -Intelligent -Collaborative -Established -Revealing -Minimalist We strongly encourage experimentation with elements beyond "simple" typography such as images and symbols e.g. icons and glyphs.

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