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By Hammerklaviertrio
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Congratulations to the winner, Logobloom Web Design!

Top entries

Design brief

Organization name

Hammer Klavier Trio

Description of business

We are a Jazz Trio, best to get to know us, is to look at this video:

Our name has a double meaning:
1) The German word Hammerklavier may refer to:

A) A Piano Sonata No 29 (Beethoven)
B) a German word for early pianos

2) The word "Hammer" also means if something is pretty good like "awsome"

The Logo should have nothing to do with a hammer like that tool.

Organization industry

Entertainment & The Arts


None specified

Further requirements

latest update:

A note from the pianist/composer
(late, but better late than never):

from what I've seen, I like #115 the best.

The HKT logo should not
a) look like a music school logo
b) look like a music store logo
c) company or even worse, supermarket or wholesale chain logo look
d) may not look too classical music like (many look like logos of the magazines about classical music, and some remind me of the orchestra logos)
e) must not look dull
f) must not look too feminine

The HKT logo should:

Despite having a certain simplicity and plainness should have following features:
a) Male, therefore, as strong or strong impact
b) urban look in the design
c) artistic and therefore be interesting
d) have their own originality by a high recognition value

A difficult task, as I see

4 people need to decide, it is going to be so difficult. Thank you designers for all your help!

Hello Designers,

latest update:
Can you please check the attached file to see how that "Hammer & Sickle" design might can work? There are 2 options in that file
Thank you

thank you for the designs so far.

I think by now we have good variations of the "general idea" with the HKT above "Hammer Klavier Trio". Would be great to see some more original designs as we are getting close to the deadline for first round...
Thank you for understanding and thank you so much for your efforts in helping us to find our logo.

On top just "H K T"

Under that the full name

"Hammer Klavier Trio" or

For your info: "Klavier" is the German word for piano.


The band thought of a description: urban, modern


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6 mins ago
Contest Holder

The Pianist came up with a new idea. He is born in Russia and maybe you can fit this into the Logo with an adapted version of "Hammer and Sickle" like tried in the design #27 ?
The Sickle would be replaced by a piano key? I believe hard to do.

Maybe also the T of HKT could be used as hammer? of that "Hammer and Sickle"

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