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By ilananaomi
  • Last feedback - Wed, 28 Aug 2013 11:37:16 +0000
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Congratulations to the winner, ilya sleptsov!

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Design brief

Organization name

Accent Eraser

Description of business

Accent reduction training. Target audience is adults, usually professionals, sometimes actors, who have a foreign or regional accent and want to speak Standard American English (unaccented). Mostly individual lessons, sometimes group or corporate training. The average client is a male professional over age 35.

Organization industry



None specified

Further requirements

Updated Brief:

The ideal logo would be cute, clever, and fun, and eye-catching without being extremely complex or distracting. Ideally it would incorporate the ideas of one or more of the following: erasing, accents, languages, and/or signifying that the business caters to an international group with many different first languages. I definitely want it to be relatively clean and simple, but still with at least one eye-catching, cool, interesting, unique, creative, fun, clever, witty, or funky element to it. My favorite examples containing these elements that I've attached pictures of here are Pixar, Animals Today, and Carnivorous. 

Also, the logo should look great either big, medium, small, or thumbnail sized. Furthermore, for any design, I would like the final version to have two very similar variants: one that is horizontal, and one that could fit into a square. (For an example of what I'm talking about, please see the two Fillmore logos I've attached here.)

I have also become interested in logos that make use of negative space. Please see example logos attached of Qantas, Mira, and Safehands. ALSO, logos that contains subtle or hidden smiles are a good way to make the logo seem playful and friendly without coming across as too cartoonish or childish. For good examples of subtle smiles, please see attached the Amazon and Fillmore logos.

For fonts, I like fonts that are sleek and clean with a fun, playful or unique edge: good examples of SPECIFIC TYPES OF FONTS I like which I've attached pictures of above are Ecoplan, Retweet, Elephruit, and Taskrabbit. Please NO hard-to-read, or script fonts, no partially erased, no partially deleted, and no partially obscured letters (since my target audience is generally English Language Learners, I want the words "Accent Eraser" to be crystal clear at a glance.) Thank you!!!

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