the great Boulder Mountainbike Alliance logo design project!

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


the great Boulder Mountainbike Alliance logo design project!


Great chance to be creative for our group of bike advocates in Colorado - After the logo, we may need a new web look too!

Background information


Every rider of a mountain bike in Boulder County is our target. Few mountain bikers in the area know about or understand that BMA membership is crucial to trail access. Our new logo must help us be more recognizable and valuable to them. BMA members are responsible cyclists who want to create a better world for both their sport and for the future of Boulder. BMA members are majority male and in their 30's, but we are hoping to bring in the next generation of cyclists as well as increase women riders. Our logo should also be attractive to local businesses and major donors, so they will see BMA is a professional organization with whom they can associate their own brands - donors vary in age and focus, but largely will be in support of outdoor recreation and getting people into the environment - everyone from bike shops to state agencies to environmental firms. Boulder is a well-educated community of people who work hard and play harder nestled against the Rockies. Boulder consistently ranks in the top 10 of "best places to live", "best outdoor community" and "fittest city". It seems that almost everyone under the age of 50 who lives here, moved here because of the outdoor recreation opportunities, which include rock climbing, trail running, hiking, and mountain biking. Boulder has a relatively strong and trendy environmental ethic - bike commuting, recycling, and Priuses.

Brand Name

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA)

Brief Summary

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) is a volunteer-run non-profit organization improving mountain biking experience in Boulder County, Colorado through a combination of social activities, political advocacy, and trail building, with the goal of building a community of mountain bikers. Boulder County’s huge network of trails and hundreds of thousands of acres of open space offer only a few legal trails for bikers. BMA was founded in 1991 and is continually fighting an uphill battle to gain more access while increasing trail quality on the access we have. Although BMA and mountain biking as a sport have been around forever, we're still portrayed strictly as 20-something male adrenaline junkies who only care about shredding at high speed while running women and children off the trails. A logo should counteract that image by conveying our other goals and aspirations: outdoors, recreation, fun times on a bike, a community of mountain bikers working towards common goals, healthy lifestyles, responsible stewardship of the land and trails, etc.

Content details


The logo should communicate: - sense of adventure -responsibility for the environment -established community of mountain bikers. We need to more closely identify the initials "BMA" with outdoor recreation and trail access. Try to avoid cliched elements: the Flatirons Mountains, a winding trail, a bike wheel, bicycle gears, etc etc (but if you've got a stellar idea using these, go for it). The logo will be used on our website, membership cards, soft goods (t-shirts, socks, bike jerseys), stickers, and bumper stickers. Logo should work as greyscale as well as color version. SUGGESTIONS: Style: We have been leaning towards an Emblem similar to a shield or coat of arms found commonly on older bicycle brands. We envision using the BMA lettering within that shield or associated with it and having the text “Boulder Mountainbike Alliance” as either a standard subtext or as an optional subtext in more formal correspondence (such as in letterhead). Colors: We are interested primarily in combination of earth tones or using some earth tones with other colors. In general, combinations that involve brown tones with blue, but we also like warm reds or golden yellows. We are going to be working this color scheme into a web GUI as well as cycling jerseys in the future and would like to have colors that feel "comfortable" together both in the logo and in a larger design.

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