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Wow! — Brendonajrademakers

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Electric Dirt


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By Brendonajrademakers
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Congratulations to the winner, Lelembut™!

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Design brief

Organization name

Electric Dirt

Description of business

My company Electric Dirt teaches everyday people about the Mining Industry. I want to ignite fireworks in their head, so they realise their day job sucks, job security is an oxymoron and they can make over $100k a year as an entry-level miner, with just a few basic skills.

Organization industry

Business & Consulting


None specified

Further requirements

I want a simple logo, that is unpretentious and playful. Make it beautiful. Make it remarkable. make it Wow!

Boldness and aggression isn't what I'm after.

If it got printed on a shirt, the shirt would be a nice looking shirt. Not a piece of crap you would buy from Thailand.

I would like lowercase letters to symbolise Bauhaus theory. Democracy. This is going to be a company that helps people and connects them. I want them to know we're all in this together.


Mining projects are always located in remote, stark areas. Mostly deserts. I like the evocative, desert images from the old John Ford Westerns. You know, the ones with John Wayne standing in the doorway. Classics like The Searchers. There isn't much information about mining out there, or photos, people are in the dark as to what a mine in a desert looks like. Could we keep some mystery of the West in the logo? The new frontier. Like a John Ford image.

Saul Bass made the best logos of all-time. They stood alone, they were all unique, had their own personalities and they were utterly, utterly simple.

Think Saul Bass.

My Great-grandfather was killed in a mining explosion. The only keepsake we have of him is the mining lamp that was pulled out of the rubble. I would like some cute kinda cartoon lamp in the there. Or some hint of a lamp. A tiny tip of the cap to him. Or if it doesn't fit in, don't have it.

You guys are the artists. Go bananas.


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