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Business Games & Coaching

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Target group: Top and middle management, people with organizational responsibilities (companies, NGOs) looking for innovative learning solutions. Majority of clients are Finance departments as well as HR/Training dept and Corporate Universities. Target audience should know we are serious (conservative values in management, cash, controlling costs, developing market share etc) and fun (business games approach, teambuilding, lateral innovative thinking, team-based motivating learning & coaching) at the same time

Brand Name

DREAMTEAM Business Games & Coaching

Brief Summary

DREAMTEAM Small partnership of highly qualified experts, learning consultants in the field of team-based learning (1 to 5 people), business consulting, coaching and training, part of a network of independent consultants in more than 30 countries. Business simulation games, training, facilitation of workshops, key-note speakers. Marketing top quality non-computerized business games (simulations). • Methodology is “Power Learning”, supported by new, fresh, innovative, stimulating and effective learning designs. Our seminars are about Visualizing the flows in companies, helping better decision-making relating to Cash, Cost culture, Strategy, Marketing, Knowledge management, Project management etc, with the principle of “learning by doing”, creating enthusiastic teambuilding, and seeking concrete applications for the learning (improving rapidly bottom line results in companies). “Unique selling points”: - Business simulation games = Different learning approach from classroom learning: “learn different, think different”. Learning LIVE! - International assignments in over 7 languages - Most experienced facilitators - Most professional consultants in business gaming (“excellence in international business games”) - Satisfied clients all over the world for more than 15 years - We are making the most out of team-based learning: you get “twice the result in half the time”.

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We have no logo: Give us your proposals on logo design for this learning consulting company: Answer this question: would you give your hard earned money to our company to make your people play business games? Yes, if you feel SAFE, SURE that it's worth the investment, and that your will HARVEST RESULTS, more money, more motivated teams who become somehow business-owners. They learned through experience, and this experience (and mistakes) does not have to be repeated in real life - so this is saving years of learning and huge amounts of money, like a flight simulator saves you costs by trying out new strategies in a simulated environment. LOGO should be reflecting this. Conclusion: WANTED: Great designers to create logo which makes us look professional & innovative, and stand out of the crowd See attached an article by one of our clients in their company newspaper. Feel free to ask if you require more information. Best regards, Michael

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