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    Tue, 17 Feb 2009 01:31:58 +0000

    friendly reminder - for the 3 star crew....
    If you go to view top rated - 80% of the 3 star ratings need to revise their design according to
    some of the basic fundamentals of logo design -
    1 color, black on white background with out any transparency - avoid gradients and the numerous submissions
    with fine line details and numerous letters inside the icon are completely unusable....

    while some of these treatments may work in a select few media types and uses - it will cause problems in others or just won't work...
    You have to keep redesigning your logo each time you use it in a different media - why?
    So while you may have something-"idea-wise" you may in-fact win the contest if you go back and read some
    of the fundamental rules to a successful logo - not to knock the design in its entirety but just some helpful advise to getting that 4 star rating.... of course I'm not the judge - nor do I have a 4 star rating - grain of salt if you may.