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    Lalo Marquez
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    Fri, 13 Feb 2009 08:37:16 +0000

    @UserRazorIT and @UserLogodendron:

    Many of the contest here are won by the most simplest of designs. That happens, I think, because the best logos are the ones most of the people understands, and masses of people think like dummies, that's the truth. A person is an intelligent being, people are dummies. No personal offence intendend here.

    Most of the people won't have the time, brains, or creativity to understand a sofisticated and/or artistry logo. So it's my personal opinion that a good logo designer/seller would be one that refrain his or her urge to create something he would buy for him/herself, and instead create something most people would like, and I'm talking again about the dummy masses, the ones who don't want to be bothered with nothing complicated in their everyday life.

    Well, at least that's my opinion. What do you think about this?