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    Mon, 05 May 2008 17:29:06 +0000

    Wow! I came here while on my lunch break to see how it all went and this forum is crazy. I feel prompted to put my two cents in. I want to say first that anyone who cannot take a little constructive criticism should not read a forum they've posted on. Take any bad things said and at least try to turn it into something positive. Don't turn a blind eye or do the same in return.

    Second I'd like to say that if I was a new business and I was looking for some type of design. I would welcome criticism, even the real harsh ones. It would let me know what other people thought, especially if they are posting legitimate comments. If a person is just bashing without cause, then it tells everyone else a little more about their personality. That bleeds into work ethic.
    Regardless, I really would want to see the public's responses, whether they be positive or not. While PMing is really useful and has it's ups, it also has its downside.

    As humans we are all learning together, take it all in and learn from our peers and experiences.

    There are alot of people pointing fingers and making assumptions and people being negative about the negative. If you feel that someone is doing wrong or that they are judging you, dont dignify it with another negative response. Truelly, these little battles are what is a waste of time and forum space.

    Positivity guys n gals.
    Stay happy :D