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By Marsy'

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By erowell83
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Congratulations to the winner, Marsy'!

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Design brief

Organization name


Description of business

We sell software licenses and support for beautiful, fast, HTML5 canvas data visualizations for desktop browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. We currently only support temporal line charts. Our target audience is businesses who need to visualize data on the web, or need to provide data visualizations for their customers.

Organization industry



None specified

Further requirements

- My original idea was to create a logo that represents an abstract meteor, which also contains elements that symbolize data visualization.  This is absolutely not a requirement - just an initial thought.  I'm very open to other ideas as well.

- I would like the logo to look fairly techie, but also convey a sense of beauty because I intend for MeteorCharts to provide very aesthetic visualizations.  I want clients to feel a sense of connection with the logo somehow, instead of it just being yet another futuristic/digital looking logo.

- I'm open to any font style.  

- I would really like for the picture portion of the logo to also function as a stand alone icon for the company.  i.e., if you remove the text "MeteorCharts", the logo still looks great

- The primary location of this logo will be on a webpage with a black background.

- The company name "MeteorCharts" may be split into "Meteor" and "Charts" if two lines are required, or if you think a space in between each word would look better

- It would be great if you could integrate the Golden Ratio into the design (1:1.61).  

- I'm looking for something really different.  Try and really think outside of the box.

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