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Design a logo for a biotechnology company website (SharedProteomics)


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Congratulations to the winner, dfcostal!

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Design brief

Organization name


Description of business

SharedProteomics ( is an online community to discuss the scientific field of proteomics: the study of small molecules called proteins which perform most biological functions in living cells. The large-scale identification of proteins is typically done with an analytical technique called mass spectrometry.

Organization industry

Medical & Pharmaceutical


None specified

Further requirements

One of the primary images in proteomics are the isotopic peaks generated by mass spectrometers (e.g. peptide:…_dist1.gif and small protein:…dist2.gif). These are generally overused in proteomics logos but the final design might include them.

We would like to convey the community nature of our website, perhaps by using speech bubbles to represent discussion. Our current logo (…ogoNew.png) contains an image of a protein-protein interaction network which also conveys the idea of a community of interacting scientists. This site ( has more examples of such networks.

Proteins can be depicted as ribbon structures or space-filling models (see links below). This image (…tein_l.jpg) could be used to separate the words "Shared" and "Proteomics".

Other protein images:…ndlesr.jpg…/LRRK2.jpg…/lightbox/…DEVolk.jpg

Some more unconventional ideas are (1) isotopic peaks where the peaks are replaced by person icons (e.g., (2) a space-filling model of a small protein (e.g.…sulin.gif) where the atoms (spheres) are replaced by colored speech bubbles (e.g.…1.jpg.jpg), or (3) three-dimensional Gaussian isotopic peaks viewed from an angle.

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