New Cutting Edge Medical Marijuana Logo Design

RxWeed picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $204 they received 60 designs from 11 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New Cutting Edge Medical Marijuana Logo Design


RxWeed (prescription weed)... got it =)

Background information


Legal Medical Marijuana Customers in California, potentially all 50 states.

Brand Name

RxWeed, and RxWeed Collective

Brief Summary

We are a new service provider in California that will be providing sophisticated yet "ease-of-use" means for facilitating or coordinating transactions between members. Essentially, we are an online and mobile tool to help legalized users acquire medical marijuana. Personality wise, clean and sophisticated provider. While not a doctors office or a wine lounge, think about the most contemporary spaces that are cool and trendy, yet help you feel right at home and comfortable... and that's us.

Content details


Logo Design. We are looking for a great logo that will provide uniformity and consistency for our brand. Something that will be recognizable in a growing market. Common designs in this market include anything green. The international symbol has started to become a green cross, similar to a red cross, in front of marijuana leaves or behind the medical symbol flanked by marijuana leaves... My goal for our logo is to differentiate from others in the space by creating something that is sophisticated... and sometime sophistication can be a simple design. I want a design that works interchangeably with: RxWeed and RxWeed Collective

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