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    General comments for all designers: The design committee is pleased to see the responses to our posting of the examples we like. The pictures were able to convey visually what we had trouble saying in words! Based on the responses I'm getting from my colleagues, there are some patterns emerging about what we like. As much as possible we would like you to apply the following concepts to your designs:

    1) High-gloss reflective surfaces similar to those in #37, #38, #39, #40. We like the bold, modern, elegant look it gives to the designs.

    2) 3-D effects to make your designs look like objects that exist in space rather than artwork applied to a flat surface.

    3) Use light and shadow to give your designs depth and texture. This goes hand-in-hand with 3-D effects, and they serve to enhance each other.

    4) Don't be afraid to stray beyond the confines of a hard-edged circle. The design committee is really liking the irregular edges and shapes that are starting to emerge. For example, #18, #26, #38, #40, #47. They are all unique designs, but they share a common theme in that there is some character to their borders.

    You are all such talented folks. It is really a pleasure to collaborate with you!