Create an Official School Seal!

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create an Official School Seal!


Not specified

Background information


Ages 20 - 60 (this is an adult school)

Brand Name

Focus Personal Training Institute

Brief Summary

Our school, The Focus Personal Training Institute, will be a licensed vocational school that will prepare students to become career personal fitness trainers. We hold our students and faculty to the highest standards in the industry. As an institution, we are well regarded in terms of the quality and extent of education we provide. School tagline: New York City's Leading Personal Training School

Content details


This seal will be placed on the students diploma and on other official school material. It does not have to be elaborate but it should reflect professionalism and have an "official" look. We have included a few general samples, but are open to other suggestions. -The seal must reflect authority and higher education -*On the attached samples, we like the N A S M logo the best since it is clean and refined, yet professional. -The seal MUST be round. and should include the name of the school: "The Focus Personal Training Institute" (this can be around the outer edge) -It can also include the schools abbreviation "FPTI". -It can also include some type of design in the center with the letters FPTI. Colors should reflect our current brand identity which can be seen on our website:…out/school **Please note, our website's homepage is inactive, but you can go through the rest of the site via the link above. What we do not want: We do not need an elaborate design that looks like it should be for a large university. We are a small private school that teaches a modern, cutting edge curriculum. Questions are welcomed!

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