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Logo design contest

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by Mgerszi

Contest started Wed, 22 Feb 2012 20:28:46 +0000

Last feedback Wed, 07 Mar 2012 15:03:36 +0000

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1. Qualifying round
Designers enter their initial design concepts for feedback and direction.
2. Select finalists
The client picks up to six designers to continue working with.
3. Final round
Remaining designers enter revised and refined designs.
4. Select winner
The client picks a winning design.
1. Qualifying round

Designers enter their initial design concepts for feedback and direction.

2. Select finalists

The client picks up to six designers to continue working with.

3. Final round

Remaining designers enter revised and refined designs.

4. Select winner

The client picks a winning design.

This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer plusign ™ !

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Design brief

Organization name

CrossFit Active Performance

Description of business

We are a top notch, high-performance fitness training facility that provides very high-intensity personal training in a small group environment.

Organization industry

Physical Fitness


None specified

Further requirements

ORGANIZATION – CrossFit Active Performance is a high-end functional fitness training facility, providing personal training in a small group environment. We preach healthy, natural eating, intense training and an overall active lifestyle. Our angle as a business is to provide a higher-end training experience than people get at most CrossFit gyms, which often emphasis their grunginess or austerity. We use hard stats based on quantifiable data to create a personalized plan for every member to achieve a higher level of fitness regardless of their age or current physical condition. Our clients experience top notch training in a beautiful facility with coaches who are always pushing them to exceed their goals.

REGION – Given the demographic and overall lifestyle of our South Orange County, California market, we would love to capture some of the style, subtle cool and timelessness that the surf and skate brands have, while maintaining that more boutique fitness brand vibe as well. We appreciate bold statements using beautiful fonts, great use of space (and negative space), simple yet impactful design, and versatility - something that can be used in endless applications; e.g. it has to be quickly readable on a building sign while driving by as well as on apparel, car window stickers, etc.

DEMOGRAPHIC – Our demographic are generally educated, health and style-conscious, upper-middle class, men and women (50/50), age 20-40 but mostly in the range of 25-35. The design should be sophisticated (e.g. no skulls, flames, cartoon figures, etc.) and contemporary yet able to be timeless (we do not want this design to look outdated in 5-10 years). Combine the cleanliness, simplicity and underlying messages of the Livestrong brand and mix it with the cool factor and style of the skate and surf brands. The logo should find a balance of these ideas.

ICON – We love the idea of a simple, yet catchy text icon. The logo should NOT have any representations of weights or other fitness equipment or a person working out. A lot of gyms in our industry use a kettlebell or a man holding a weighted barbell over his head as their icon, so we DO NOT want to see those same style of icons. Anything with an OBVIOUS graphical link to fitness is too mediocre for us. It will be eliminated without comment. We are looking for a simple icon, using only the font or a variation on the text as our icon. Simple shapes like a square or circle would be preferred for the icon's shape. The icon should be identifiable by itself as a stamp or stencil that will appear in many places and should evoke the name without the name being present. It should be simple, bold and quickly identifiable (see Again, NO ICONS USING WEIGHTS OR KETTLEBELLS OR A PERSON WORKING OUT/LIFTING WEIGHTS.

We will consider logos which can have more than one meaning using a play on the shape of letters are the ones we will like most. CrossFit gyms are not called a "gym", it is called a "box", so we like the idea of playing with a text icon/logo in a square to subtly acknowledge this.

"CROSSFIT ACTIVE PERFORMANCE" – We want to get all clients and the general public to think of and refer to this gym simply as, ‘Active’, or at most ‘CrossFit Active’. We want to DOWN-PLAY THE WORD PERFORMANCE; i.e. it needs to be there, but we want it to melt-away in the minds of the viewer in favor of the shorter, punchier ‘Active’ or ‘CrossFit Active’. Emphasis should primarily be on the word 'Active', secondarily on the word 'CrossFit' and lastly on the word 'Performance'. We like the idea of having the word ‘Performance’ as subtext or subtitle, but are open to other options as well. We will consider using an acronym along with, but NOT instead of the full name. However, using an acronym is not our preference since acronyms are so heavily over-used and un-original today and the word ‘Active’ is shorter, faster and easier to link with than the awkward acronym CFAP. Furthermore, the acronym ‘CFAP’ elevates the ‘P’ of ‘Performance’ to the same level of significance as the rest of the name, which, as mentioned above, is the opposite of what we want. We are not entirely opposed to using the acronym ‘CF’ in place of the word 'CrossFit', but this would also not be a first choice since millions of dollars are being spent this year advertising the name ‘CrossFit’ and the acronym ‘CF’ is rarely if ever associated in advertising.

FONT – Font choice is so important. The font used in the surf brand 'RVCA' is the direction that we want our font to go in (see Bold, simple and not too trendy. We like that the RVCA font has a lot of white-space so that it can be read quickly. We like all caps for the text, but we're open to all lowercase or a combo depending on the font. Again, we like the idea of possibly just using the 'A' as the symbol if it's the right font or a version of the font used for the words. Fonts where the crossbar on the 'A' has been omitted are interesting to us because it creates an "arrow" pointing up and more white-space. We are big fans of clever typography and stylish font combinations. Please steer away from any flowery text, or any circular text. As with the icon, we would like to use the whole logo as a stamp or stencil that will appear in many places, such as painted on bare plywood, brick, etc., sometimes as small as 10-12 inches across.

COLOR – Color should be block color, no shading. We need your design to work in black and white first before it works in color. If you need a shading effect, you may do so with line spacing - NO AIR BRUSHING OR GRADIENTS WHATSOEVER PLEASE. Since our demographic is 50/50 male female from 20-40, color should not be overly masculine or feminine and should not be too young or too boring/corporate. We would like to have a core color palette, but be able to change the accent colors for the various apparel, accessories, and fun marketing applications. We like using 2 or 3 colors to distinguish the tiered significance of the three words in the name as mentioned above. As with the font, we do not want the color to be too trendy; i.e. it should be bold but something that will last 5-10 years without looking out-dated.

REJECTION - We are eliminating without comment any design which incorporates any of the following: weights, exercise equipment, OBVIOUS graphical links to fitness, human or animal forms, cartoonish figures or fonts, flowery or ornate fonts, skulls, flames or weapons.

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