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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title




A new video game music production company is about to launch and they need a logo!

Background information


The gaming industry (not necessarily "gamers", but people in the industry of creating & producing the hottest new video games), the entertainment industry, video game producers, video game designers, directors, etc. A younger, cutting-edge crowd

Brand Name

Angel Song Music

Brief Summary

Angel Song Music is the new project of 2 of the top music producers for film & television. Both partners have produced & composed music for some of the biggest movies & tv shows (The Simpsons, Star Trek, The Passion of the Christ, The Scorpion King, Disney, just to name a few), and are shifting their focus into the world of video game music / soundtrack composition & production. The website is still in progress, but the main design can be seen here:

Content details


The main goal of the logo is to tie in 3 things - video games, music, and angels. Obviously, those are 3 diverse ideas, but the producers in the company want to see what all you talented designers can come up with! If you have not already, go to the current website - http://www.AngelSongMusic The goal right now is to try to make the logo work with the current header on the website, so your design has to some how tie right into the header, or if you're really good, you'll come up with a logo that ties into a different type of header that can replace the current one. The producers like the header, but if can create a better one, feel free to do so. Some ideas that the producers would like to see are as follows: - The words Angel Song Music with a video game controller in the background (maybe faded out or really subtle) - A music note or something that looks like sheet music in the background - Maybe angel wings somewhere in there? **Most Importantly** Be creative!!!

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