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By mase

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Cool & Catchy Logo for Squash Coaching business - BurkeSquash


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By BurkeSquash
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Congratulations to the winner, mase!
Name to incorporate in the logo
Slogan to incorporate in the logo
Description of the organization and its target audience

BurkeSquash is a one man squash coaching business, operated by Mark Andrew Burke. I'm an Australian former Top 100 squash professional that has settled in Belgium, happily married with 2 girls. I've carved out quite a profile already in Belgium, during the 12 years i've already been coaching in Belgium.

I've been a squash player for 27 years and i've been coaching for 15 of those. I'm a passionate, driven and sometimes a bit too outspoken coach. I train my players hard and expect 100% commitment to their development. I set the same standards for myself in their coaching.

I coach mainly at Recrean Sportcentrum in Oudenaarde, Belgium (, where I am the Head Coach. I have around 60 juniors in the program, ranging from 5-19 years old. The senior players that I coach are between 20-25 years of age. BurkeSquash is the name of my private coaching activities, which include full program development and coaching for aspiring professionals, clinics and trips. One of the highlights is the BurkeSquash Hiking trip each there could possibly be a follow up off-shoot of the original logo required down the track.

The business has yet to really assert a profile on the internet, although I have 2 websites that I currently own and After this contest I hope the Logo will help make these 2 sites more appealing and catchy. I have a Facebook presence personally ( but I'm looking to start my own Facebook Page, where the Logo will also feature prominently.

I've had National Junior Champions and a few players that have gone on to World & European Junior success and are now turning Pro themselves. I still make up a part of the National Senior team, so still play at national level myself.

The Logo should look good on a website, a T-Shirt and be vibrant and appealing.
My goal is that after some years, BurkeSquash (and the logo) will not only be well-known in Belgium, but in Europe and across the world of squash, as my players reach higher and higher levels of success.



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Color preferences
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To be used on
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  • Online (Website, online advertising, banner ads etc)
  • Merchandise (Mugs, T-shirts etc)
  • Signs (Including shops, billboards etc)

I want the logo to stand out, be easily recognised and give the squash public the impression they want to know more about BurkeSquash squash coaching. The logo should look great on a T-Shirt (especially for younger junior players but not exclusively) that people want to wear them and hopefully even buy them!
Even though i've included clips and other logos, don't be afraid to come up with something completely different. I'm not a designer, so what I think looks good can easily be changed by someone with more foresight into sports coaching and logos.

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