Your company's called what?!

keyphraseology picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $231 they received 246 designs from 76 designers.

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Contest title


Your company's called what?!


Long word logo packed with hidden meaning. Show me what you've got!

Background information


- Medium to large businesses, usually the marketing department. - My industry peers, other SEOs, also read the blog.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

I'm an SEO. I help businesses show up for the queries that are important to them in the search engines. I maintain a blog about my specialty where your logo will get the most playtime.

Content details


My business name is long - keyphraseology. I'm looking for a design that doesn't overwhelm . If it is possible to simplify and make easier to read the term keyphraseology, that would be awesome. A few things that likely aren't immediately apparent. - 'key phrase' (a term that is in the business name) selection is foundational to the work that I do. - 'seo' (also in the business name) is what I am (search engine optimizer) and do (search engine optimization). - I'm female. - I like oranges and reds but aren't married to them. - I'm not a fan of logos with text that wraps around a circle. Lets stay away from that please. Thanks so much! Lindsay

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