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Cat People Logo - Detailed Brief, Active Feedback


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By Smccreadee
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Congratulations to the winner, XxnIKoxX!

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Design brief

Organization name

Cat People

Description of business

We manufacture and resell a curated selection of unique high-quality cat clothing, toys, and accessories meant to be safe, fun and appealing to both the pet and the owner via and boutiques.

Organization industry

Animal & Pet


None specified

Further requirements

We will be highly active with this contest; providing as much constructive feedback and detail as possible.

Our Target Audience/Customer is Female 30-45.
Owns 1 or more Cats.
Chooses to shop at Boutiques/Etsy over the Mall/Amazon but is still looking for good buys.
Is willing to pay extra for quality materials and good design.
Considers themselves Smart, Classy, and Fun. They see their Cat as little fur people who are also Smart, Classy, and Fun.

The core products that we will initially manufacture are interchangeable Cat Collars and Ties to make your Cat look like a little business man. Other styles to be developed later that emulate the look of other people clothes without much more than the neck region because Cats are less clothes friendly than Dogs. These little Cat-People / Business-Cats are considered handsome and dapper by their owners. Next will be soft CatNip toys that furthers the fantasy of Cats being people (ex. CatNip Cigar, CatNip SmartPhone, CatNip Watch, etc ) We will also sell a curated selection of high-quality cat products from other manufacturers. The logo will be placed on many different packaging options and embroidered/screen-printed on the collars and toys.

We will feature many cats and people as our models, however, the two cats (See panda.jpg and foxy.jpg) will be the primary feline models.

There will be many "sub-brands" under the Cat People brand. The final logo should be easily expanded to include these sub-brands. Examples of a sub-brand would be: Cat People Store, TV, Video, Pictures, Toys, Fashion, Costumes, Deals, and so on. The logo needs to maintain it's visual impact with and without the Sub-brand expansions.

The final logo will also need to be recognizable at smaller scale such as when Watermarking Images or Overlaying Movies. A variation on the core logo can be created to best suit this purpose if necessary.

The final logo needs to be able to work with only 1 color (usually white or black), where any "colored" elements become the same color as the mediums/backgrounds color or/and are represented by a shade of the single color. A variation on the core logo can be created to best suit this purpose if necessary.

We have attached a file of logos we like, (see logos_web.jpg) these should be considered inspiration and a quick reference for the types of designs we are expecting. Please do not feel limited by these examples however, we are looking for the best design, and you might just have the perfect concept which is more unique than all the samples provided.

Please feel free to send me any questions that may arise.


Below I will post the general feedback I send out as the contest goes on, please read these as well to help.

The character mark should convey cats and people or people clothing.

The character mark should not be a duplicate of Panda or Foxy but focus on conveying the overall company as mentioned above. Though resemblance is okay, we are looking for a brand, not a memorial.

Focus on creating character marks that convey the business without having to be read with the text. The character mark needs to stand alone and with the text and vice versa.

We prefer ties over bow-ties.

Focus on designs not comps of how a design would look on [insert whatever]. Will make it easier to manage submissions, thank you.

For the text portion, try to keep similar visual weights to the two words so that neither Cat nor People overshadows the other word. Neither should steal the show, they should work together.

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