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    Thu, 05 Apr 2012 18:25:39 +0000
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    Dear designers ...

    Here some info that might be useful for you.

    The brand Regalis is being conceived to satisfy the high demand for jewelry
    in Dubai and its region. Its focus is silver jewelry with a modern twist.

    The name Regalis means royal in Latin.
    So we would like the logo to project the following qualities:

    1) high quality
    2) luxury but not unattainable
    3) dependale
    4) modern and clean feel

    taglines you can use

    1) 'silver'
    2) 'Silver & pearls'
    3) 'silver jewelry'

    Colours to explore with:

    1) not too strong colours
    2) royal blue, burgundy, purple...but in soft tones
    3) try to avoid super strong colours like black and white
    4) shades or grey would be cool

    We would like the brand to be very welcoming to the massess
    We do not be a want to like a Cartier/bvlgari jewelers which only attracts a select clientele