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Contest title


bluewerk company logo


logo for a software company that is driven by driven by simplicity, clarity and frugality

Background information


The target audience will mainly be IT professionals. Potentially end users on mobile devices, but more likely software developers. The companies main business will be in the B2B area.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

I'm an open source hacker and professional software developer for several years. I lead the open source project and also work in the embedded software area as a software engineer. I plan to start my own company soon which will operate globally and provide some software products in the embedded area and potentially in the backup area. The culture of that company will pretty much follow the principles of the open source project: mainly following simplicity, clarity and frugality in software design. It'll be a truly different company to most software companies, a place were real hackers and geeks would like to work with lot's of geek thinking and great ambition to change the software world (similarly to what the project attempts to achieve).

Content details


The philosophy of the open source project will be the main driver of this company: simplicity, clarity and frugality. Hence the logo must be simple and clear. The meaning of the German word "werk" is ambiguous and means "factory" and "creation" in English -- basically it's a place where something is created. It has a very solid meaning in German. The color blue has positive meaning and is primarily chosen to support a specific corporate identity, hence the logo must incorporate the use of blue. Due to the simplicity I'd like to restrict the overall color use to just blue, grey, white and black (and perhaps tones of them). I think an abstract factory graphic could be incorporated as well, but overall the logo must be very simple. Ideally it will just work on white background (to ease printing, etc). Overall it shouldn't be a lot more than just text and potentially a nice abstract graphic integrated somehow. It should really not be too fancy, but provide a rather solid impression to the user -- though not too bold. It's getting the balance right ;) The font should be modern/futuristic, but also not too fancy. Less is more ;)

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