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Blue Planet Solutions


Environmental company working with Kevin Costner

Background information


All of the major oil companies, environmental organizations (government/private/non-profit), shipping and marine industry as well as all other oil recovery systems and organizations.

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Blue Planet Solutions

Brief Summary

Sadly, our company was born out of tragedy. Millions of gallons of oil already threatened the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard when New Orleans businessman John Houghtaling met actor and environmentalist Kevin Costner and his longtime friend and business partner, Patrick Smith. Houghtaling was looking for a solution and Costner had spent the past 15 years investing in a centrifuge technology that would make it possible for the petroleum industry to operate safely, without threatening the environment with oil spills. Having already been proven a successful tool for oil recovery on smaller scale oil clean-up operations, the marriage between this environmental technology and the drive and perseverance found in Kevin, John and Patrick marked a crucial turning point in finding a solution to this cataclysmic event. From its inception, Ocean Therapy Solutions’ technology has been designed as a first line of defense for oil spills. Our devices are able to collect crude oil as soon as a spill occurs, helping to avoid the devastating and irreversible environmental damage that sadly has become all too common in recent years. Blue Planet Solutions was formed as the parent company to Ocean Therapy Solutions. BPS will be responisble for applying the same prinicples used in the Gulf oil spill cleanup effort to the global markets outside of the United States.

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feel free to be creative in all areas but please consider our core capabilities and future markets into the design. 1) Our oil water separation device accomplishes separation results in both purity and volume in the most cost effective manner that has not been duplicated by any other comparable system 2) we have paved the way for the reform of oil spill recovery systems and practices. Governement and private industry alike are turning to us for assistance in devising appropriate techniques and standards for state of the art oil spill mitigation -Needs to apply to a broad range of environmentally friendly energy applications. Also It must be internationaly recognizable (not just United States) -please visit us at for more information