Austin Texas Real Estate Brokerage Logo Design

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Contest title


Austin Texas Real Estate Brokerage Logo Design


Looking for Tasteful Austin Branding Approach - young, fresh, pragmatic, crisp

Background information


Target Audience: 18-35 primarily English speakers - I advertise lifestyles mostly (walk to this restaurant, bike to this bar..etc...) and end up finding mostly college age folks and young couples. I would like to appeal across the board to the extent it need not be too childish/abstract, punk/graffiti/cartooney etc...needs to be traditional design to an extent, but obviously nothing as serious as a bank or insurance logo (and need not feel like a large corporate real estate company logo) ps attached logo is just what i've been working with - please, you don't even need to use it as a starting point, really...thx - also a tiny bit more about design - I would like the final product to be a "badge or button" or some definitely center-weighted shape / as opposed to something very wide. I would like a square (or circle) instead of a rectangle, does that make sense? The winning design probably will not have "Austin Real List" all written out horizontally. Although if lightning strikes you and a killer idea for horizontal lettering comes to pass, please, let her rip! Can't wait to see y'alls ideas.

Brand Name

Austin Real List

Brief Summary

Just started my first Real Estate Brokerage in Austin, TX, Been in the business a few years. I have an advertising degree from UT, in my late 20's. Most my agents so far are in their 20's as well. My informal slogan is "Mike MacLaggan, not a douche bag." What I mean by this is I'm not your typical Realtor. I'm not a hard seller, I don't wear too much make-up, dress in a monkey suit, or have a bee hive hair-do. I don't twist your arm or drive you to areas that you don't want to live in or cant afford. I'm hip to the pulse of the young Austin culture - I have a lot of college age and youngish couples as clients, but I don't want a logo that lacks maturity. Looking for a design solution that somehow makes our (somewhat) cumbersome name (Austin Real List) quickly readable, concise and 'pop'....or, if that's too much trouble a fun little "bug" that I can use next to the words "Austin Real List"

Content details


It needs to be Clean. Sharp. Simple. Already went into this a little above, but I need a logo for a young, smaller real estate company in Austin Texas. A u s ti n Real List Was thinking a solution for the text may be to have Austin on top in a thin/wide typeface - and "Real List" fatter/bolder below that so they are the same length. But please, you guys are the pros - do what you think is best. I would like it to be readable from a distance (like say the street 15 feet away if it was the size of a basketball on a door). I like the design of this logo here: If I could get a nice ,crisp little button with a typeface that makes my name "Austin Real List" 'pop' off the page, I would be very pleased indeed. Or, I would be open to a nice, crisp, concise yet bold typeface design, with a "bug" to augment - something simple and iconic (having to do with Austin?/real estate/or just an attractive shape? I think I could get behind that as well. As far as colors, I'm not married to anything. If you want to take a look at my extremely simple site I've been using for the past few years, here it is: But again, these colors are by no means what we have to stick with. Will need the file in formats so I can print at high resolutions, and also put on the web. And I need the original PSD files as well. no stock/clip art thanks!

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