Amazing LOGO for internet startup

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Amazing LOGO for internet startup


we're making online simple - your logo makes us better

Background information


Our demographics are small business owners, most of which are non-techies and are skeptical about tech services. They need something simple, which they can relate to and doesn’t scare them off with busy concepts or anything to flashy. (i.e. no animated gifs) At the same time, we cant have something too old fashioned as we will also be marketing our services to younger business owners. There needs to be a balance between the two.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

We have an online website building tool for small businesses that is in need of some brand awesomeness. This service is being built to help small-medium sized business get online, or move to an easier, more affordable website solution. We need a creative genius to develop our logo and business cards, and we’re looking for some original ideas. We are a web 2.0 business, so we want our brand to reflect this without confusing the older generation of customers we are going after.

Content details


We are looking for the following for our new brand: 1. Something clean and simple, but isn’t clinical 2. Icon with unique logo 3. Conveys trust, easy to use and understand 4. Cannot be confronting, loud or busy 5. Icon that would be able to work very well as an avatar 6. Want to have a look at how this logo might be used/displayed on biz cards, different colour schemes etc. Our entire company, website, marketing materials corp identity will be based on and utilize what you create. Please think about this with your submissions as we will not be looking at just a logo on its own. We do not have any preference of colours at this stage, so perhaps your submissions could run across a scheme you think may work. Think colour varients and how your logo would work if we ran a different theme. The overall winner will be a submission that utilizes the logo, type, icon and other creative elements as a whole. What we don't want: Script fonts Any stock images or clip art Un-original designs Recycled concepts Design specs: CMYK Vector: Illustrator CS4 (.ai) Print: Layered (.psd) Thanks in advance for all your talent and creativity. May the best design win!!!

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