logo and business card for Urban Ohm

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


logo and business card for Urban Ohm


We are a yoga studio, offering indoor and outdoor yoga and pilates to people who live in Dubai. Target audience is…

Background information

Name to incorporate in the logo

Urban Ohm

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are a yoga studio, offering indoor and outdoor yoga and pilates to people who live in Dubai. Target audience is mostly ages 20 - 50 who are mid-high income. 75% are women but we want to appeal to men too. and in fact grow the men segment if possible.
We have been operating already, offering yoga outdoors and in private sessions (ie. without the studio) - you can check out the website to get a feel for the company. Keep in mind, that the site will be in for an overhaul once we open the studio.... &


Physical Fitness

Visual style

Preferred logo types

  • Organization name in a stylised type/font becomes the logo.

  • An image or shape that is easily recognizable is used to represent your business.

  • An abstract shape or symbol is used to convey the values of your business.

Color preferences

Something decently strong, nothing too light or pastel. Maybe brick red, rusty orange, lightly rusty yellow... or even purple with grey? Earthy is fine but I'd avoid green/brown since its way overdone for yoga. I'm totally open to suggestions. something that reflect the "urban" element. Not too many colours. I would normally say one or to - but I liked the Nicole Mehta logo above which has four... just keep it simple. I'd like to be able to have one on a light back ground and one on a dark background.

Values to communicate


Sample logos

Content details

Business card details

All personal contact info should go together (my name, title, email, phone). The logo should be visible. and the name of the company. (name and logo can be together or not) The company web address and Facebook should also be shown. How these elements appear is up to the designer. Can use the full colours from the logo (ie. not a boring white card)

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