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Winning design

Oil & Gas Wells Infographic for Fortune 200 Company

We are an Oil & Gas company. This infographic will be distributed by our Data Management & Analytics team to the rest...

By houston melissa in Infographic

45 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Employer vs Employee

EZ-4-U delivers services that improve access, reduces healthcare costs, while providing EZ-4-U members on-demand qual...

By kelly.cox in Infographic

14 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Archbright Workplace Performance Graphic

Archbright™ is the go-to resource for employers in Washington State. At our core, we offer HR Advice and Legal Counse...

By skavanaugh in Infographic

24 Entries $2,499 platinum price
Winning design

OAK B2B Infographic

Oakland International (OAK) is the fourth largest airport in California measured by passenger enplanements. It is the...

By jalbrecht in Infographic

41 Entries $899 silver price
Winning design

Degregulated Energy Explainer - InfoGraphic

PowerOne is a Retail Energy Provider (REP) that competes in the deregulated energy markets. As an REP, PowerOne buys...

By R.Gunton in Infographic

26 Entries $599 bronze price
Winning design

Simple Infographics for popular nonfiction book; winner will also get other design jobs.

Looking for graphic that shows the relationship between an individual and a group.

By Dr. Ogi Ogas in Infographic

66 Entries $2,499 platinum price
Winning design

Infographic about how people use ApplePay, Square, PayPal, etc.

We are a site that offers advice on personal finance. Our target audience is really anyone who is looking to save mon...

By jeff 0w in Infographic

28 Entries $2,499 platinum price
Winning design

Create an engaging infographic demonstrating the Tokyo markets perception of the US Fed

MNI is a financial news company who specialize in providing unbiased and unparalleled financial news to market profe...

By cmion in Infographic

134 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Create an Infographic for Quiet Light Brokerage

We help owner's of online businesses prepare and sell those business's to acquirers. Our target audience is primarily...

By QLB in Infographic

40 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Create a realistic, infographic identifying the oil & gas upstream, midstream, & downstream market

Nondestructive Testing and inspection services for the oil and gas, petrochemical and pipeline industries....

By joshualuft in Infographic

45 Entries $1,599 gold price
Winning design

Create an exciting infographic on RX DRUG COSTS. We have 15 Million readers annually.

We’re a leading, independent insurance marketplace with by over 15 million users annually. We own a network of websit...

By Mike HN in Infographic

33 Entries $899 silver price
Winning design

Help us tell the world what type of Apple Watches people have been buying!

Jumpshot is a next-generation marketing analytics platform that illuminates the online world, helping any organizatio...

By Jumpshot in Infographic

109 Entries $899 silver price


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