Infographic...disruptive new business wants to shake up the property market in UK


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Infographic...disruptive new business wants to shake up the property market in UK

Subtitle is looking to open the public's eyes as to how much money they waste on agent fees

Background information

Organization name

Description of the organization and its target audience Ltd is a disruptive service that allows UK home owners to effectively market their own home to the buying public, without having to use a high street estate agent.

The vendor pays an upfront fixed fee of £399 rather than a much larger percentage of the value of their property on completion.

The vendor is provided with all the necessary tools required to market and manage the sale of their property.

This allows the owner to effectively become their own agent and connect directly with buyers. In short, we're a new service designed to save homeowners money and cut out the middle man.


Real Estate & Mortgage

Content details

Story to tell in the infographic

Hopefully, the stats above show the story we'd like to tell. We're trying to open the public's eyes to the amount of money they waste each year on agent fees.

Data to include in the infographic

Headline; Who wouldn't want to be a high street estate agent in the UK?

• Did you know there were 932,000 homes sold in the UK in 2012?
• That means around 4% of all homes in the UK were sold last year.
• Of these, around 839,000 homes were sold by high street estate agents - that equates to 90% of all sales.
• As a result, vendors in the UK spent a whopping £2.2 BILLION in estate agent fees in 2012.
• That's about the same amount as building Wembley stadium 3 times over
• Had these vendors used an online agent, such as, they could have could have saved around £1.8 BILLION.
• That’s over 6 times the net wealth of the Queen (£280m)
• And did you know, there are 14,500 estate agent offices in UK?
• That's approximately 11,600,000 sq ft of retail space. or 266 acres, or 4,256 tennis courts
• As a result, estate agents outnumber McDonalds restaurants by 12 to 1 on our high streets

Isn't it time to start selling online?

Elements to include in the infographic

Our brand is about breathing a breath of fresh air into the real estate market in the UK, (hence the visuals on our website show blue sky and clouds). We're very non corporate and are looking to have a fun illustrative style.
We'd like to have our logo and strap line (Join the Property Revolution) in the footer