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illustration for COOPER'S TOWN


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Congratulations to the winner, Studiokimus!

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Design brief

Organization name


Description of business

Our business is premised around a group of kids from a typical small town somewhere, anywhere, and everywhere to learn about the players, parks, rules, traditions, legends, and lore of America's game.

The purpose of why we begin this project is the following:
-To share the love of “the game” with kids everywhere!
-To entertain and educate kids on one of the greatest games ever invented.
-To encourage kids involvement in this great game through participation in youth baseball leagues!
-To encourage them to do their own research on players, teams, events, etc on-line or at their local library and to encourage them to read about baseball.
-To get the support of their parents and families, resulting in family trips to major and minor league games, or to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York!

Organization industry



I would like to have the attached illustration professionalised. The attached illustrations are my attempt at what I am trying to achieve. It needs someone who is a better artist/illustrator.

The main characters as you will see in the illustration are as follows:

Cooper - the leader of the group. Takes his ball glove everywhere. Lives and breathes baseball, his favorite game. Never seen with-out a ballcap and matching jersey. A talented young player. Always willing to play or talk baseball.

Popcorn - Real name is David but no one but his Mom calls him that. The gang gave him his nickname because it's his favorite snack.

Alex - Maybe the best player of the group. Always wears a cap of her team backwards on her head. Yes, she's a girl.

Jamar - African-American. The best student of the group.

Nadji - Called AJ by the gang. Parents moved here years ago from Palestine. Born in New York City so he's a Yankee's fan.

Heshy - Of Jewish descent.

Anthony - Of Italian descent.

Fastball - The pet cat of Cooper's little brother Ian. Fastball's favorite toy is a plush baseball with which he'll play "fetch" like a puppy.

Dugout the dog - besides Fastball being the teams pet cat, Dug out the Dog is the other teams pet. He should be illustrated as a friendly looking dog.

There are two adult "coaches" standing behind the team in the illustration. Both should look friendly and one should be around 35 and in shape and the other should look 60 and not in shape.

Further requirements

Target audience is for children aged 6 - 12.

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