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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

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illustration for


We offer a new way to raise finance and invest for entrepreneurs, businesses and investors

Background information

Organization name

Description of the organization and its target audience

We offer a new way to raise finance and invest for entrepreneurs, businesses and investors.

Commonly known as CrowdFunding entrepreneurs upload a video pitch of their business idea and a crowd of ordinary people and investors invest in the business by investing as little as £10.

Businesses are funded through the crowd.

Here is one of the videos we will be using:


Accounting & Financial

Content details


We are looking for two illustrations for our website.

The illustrations are to insert in the two boxes of the attached website screen shot. I have also attached our logos to give you an idea of the branding the illustration is meant to match.

The first illustration is meant to represent the process of investing in businesses from you home online from a laptop. We want the image to represent an investor sat at home feeling like a mini venture capitalist as he feels he is about to invest in the next Google. It has to represent the feel of business and investors. He is out to make money and feels he is making a good investment from his laptop.

The second image is for the raise finance box. The illustration has to represent the process of a business owner receiving money from a crowd of people through his laptop. The money is British money (Great British Pounds).

The business owner is celebrating and overjoyed because he is about to receive a load of money that was contributed to him from many people (A crowd of people).

The two images will go side by side on the home page of the website attached.

It would be good to have the drawing in the colors of our logo.

The first one representing the investor in dark blue, the second one representing the entrepreneurs in purple.

The characters are to match the characters in this video:

Here are the details of the colors:

The RGB reference is:
R: 26
G: 22
B: 62

R: 73
G: 15
B: 89

Here is an additional comment from our designer who created our logo etc:

The images need to represent the brand, young, fresh and contemporary. We don’t want something that looks like the ‘clip art’ you get in word it has to be professional and very high-end.

Here is one of the videos we will be using when they click on one of the images:

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