History of Education Infographic

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History of Education Infographic


Boundless makes free online textbooks and study materials for college students.

Background information

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Description of the organization and its target audience

Boundless makes free online textbooks and study materials for college students.



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We're working on an infographic about the history of education. This infographic will be a timeline that features key moments in education history as well as illustrations to accompany the copy.

Please see the attached wireframe and copy for design ideas. We've included image suggestions for the various illustrations we want, but please feel free to be creative in what you produce.


The design should be a simple timeline with eye-catching illustrations. The background should be simple as to not distract from the facts and images.

Each of the different "eras" in education should have a header that calls out the era (ex: Education in Colonial America) and has an illustration to match the time. Suggested illustrations are included in the design guidelines and copy attachment.

Feel free to add your name as the designer in the credits. No logos with your name please.


The infographic should be 1000 pixels wide. Length can be as long as needed to fit in all the images and facts.


* Copy and guidelines: The copy for the infographic along with design notes for suggested illustrations.
* Wireframe: The first page gives a general idea of design flow. The second page shows what the bottom of the infographic should look like. See how we've done the bottoms of our other infographic here:
* CC BY SA: These logos should go at the bottom of the infographic (underneath sources and credits)
* Logo: The Boundless logo to go with "Created and researched by"

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