Help TaichungT with a new illustration

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Help TaichungT with a new illustration


We help overseas clients [US, European] to manage Asia suppliers and manufacturers

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

We help overseas clients [US, European] to manage Asia suppliers and manufacturers.



Content details


The illustration should be a graphic that shows the flow of our 5 processes so that new clients can immediately understand what we do:

1) PO: Receive a purchase order from client via email or fax

2) Manufacturing: Manage the production process

3) QA: Quality assurance, checking and inspections: colour checking, measuring the size of the products, SGS test reports...

4) Packing

5) Shipping: on a truck or a ship

*** Each step should have it's own icon to represent the action. We do not need the English words. ***

*** The first step should start at the top left. ***

Our clients need a trustworthy and reliable partner so the illustration can't be too cute or cartoony.

We'll use this image on our brochure and home page of our website.

[Visit to see the location of where the illustration will be used.]

We already have a logo: and you can use that or not! You decide because you're the designer! :)

Visit & for photos of our business.

4) QA: This short video may help you understand more:…_video.php

I can give you some certificates for reference if needed.

This must not have a strong dirty, old factory feel.

Must be green and environmentally friendly.

Thanks, and we're looking forward to your designs.

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