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CRITTER CHALLENGE! Need a Unique, Cool Tropical Mascot


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By Todd Nilson
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Congratulations to the winner, Artscout!
Organization name
SPR Companies Social Syntax
Description of the organization and its target audience

SPR is a family of IT professional services firms in the Midwest that deliver high-value technology solutions and in-demand talent that help organizations achieve critical business objectives and solve even the most complex technology challenges.


Business & Consulting


We are working with an insurance agency that wants to introduce a animal mascot. We thought we'd discovered our star in a series of 170 royalty-free Amazon Tree frogs done by a French digital artist, but, unfortunately, he didn't audition well with our legal team, who thought he looked too much like a very well-known actor from a certain very well-known auto insurance company.

So, we're now issuing a cattle call for an illustrator to make us an similar, 3D amazon tree frog to compliment our client's new web site and to be the face of their social media campaigns. We're partial to tropical creatures, because of our client's desire to explore bi-lingual marketing to Hispanic audiences; however, we're open to considering other tropical critters as well.


- Full Color
- 3 dimensional, avatar like design (See Attached Examples)
- Hi-Res JPG or EPS
- 5 Poses (Similar, but not identical, to the attached files)


If you'd like to see how we're presenting the frog on the new Web site, visit:

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