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Create the next illustration for Judy Condon


Writer of books; now children's book

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Judy Condon

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Writer of books; now children's book



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I need TWO sample pages illustrated for a whimsical children's book titled The Adventures of a Coconut Named Burt. . These pages are for submission to an agent who has requested them. If the book is accepted for publication, the remaining 30 pages and cover will need to be illustrated and contracted for independent of the contest.
The target audience is 3-7 year olds; I invision bright colors. The main character is not defined as a boy or girl but it is a young child who is shy, lacks confidence to make friends until Burt gives him courage to do so.
Here is one segment which will be a double spread. I've provided enough of the verse for background to give you the context.

Page 1::

Burt and my new friends had so much to do
One day our whole class took a trip to the zoo
When we ate lunch at noon, I left Burt on my seat
While I ran to the snack bar to get something to eat.
As I walked back to my seat, something didn't look right.
Where was my friend Burt: He was no where in sight.
Thinking Burt was a nut, which elephants love
I watched in alarm as one grabbed Burtt from above
I couldn't believe it but I had a hunch
That the elephant planned to eat Burt for its lunch.

But I was so wrong I found out at the end
What this elephant wanted was just a new friend.
Using his trunk to give Burt a ride
It swung him in circles and around side to side
I watched all the fun. I was laughing out loud
As Burt and the elephant were drawing a crown.
Throwing my peanuts for the elephant to eat
Burt was tossed from the cage and thrown back at my feet.

Page 2
Each day with Burt, brought adventures all new
Baseball and picnics - even bicycling too.
One warm sunny day, my friends asked us to race
So I made Burt some goggles to cover his face.
Sitting behind me and strapped to me tight
We rounded the bend, the finish line within sight.
As we sped to the line, from the corner of my eye
A faster friend waved and passed us both by
I always thought winning was the real test
But that day I discovered, having freinds was the best.

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