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How illustration design contests work

  • 1) Compile your design brief

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    • Answer some simple questions about your business and the illustration design you're looking for.
    • Decide on the amount you wish to pay.
  • 2) Review & provide feedback

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    • Designers submit concepts based on the brief
    • Review and give feedback on designs as they are submitted
  • 3) Pick a winning design!

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    • After 7 days, browse entries and pick your favorite illustration design. We'll take care of paying the winning designer.
    • Complete handover - receive final high-quality files and full copyright

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  • Valerie Johnson

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    “Our company has had great success finding highly talented graphic designers through 99designs. We have been thrilled with the results!”

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  • Brad Chase

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    “99designs will get you the best results. I will continue recommending 99designs to every business owner that needs a website or logo designed.”

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    “I’ve held four projects on 99designs, and all have produced better than I had hoped. It’s a great idea, implemented well.”

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Winning illustration designs

Recent illustration design contests

Contest Title Entries Package
Entry #51 - Illustration & graphic - by MicroVerse

Popular Contest Entries +50 more entries submitted by 17 designers

Entry #51 - Illustration & graphic - by MicroVerseEntry #50 - Illustration & graphic - by Pedrorsfernandes
We offer a meditation retreat in the ancient Japanese style to high performing entrepreneurs outside of Seattle....
1110 $349guaranteed
53 $999guaranteed
Entry #64 - Illustration & graphic - by Blunder

Popular Contest Entries +60 more entries submitted by 34 designers

Entry #64 - Illustration & graphic - by BlunderEntry #63 - Illustration & graphic - by GagarouEntry #61 - Illustration & graphic - by leesydesignsEntry #60 - Illustration & graphic - by Blunder
Taptrip is a free social network app that lets people from more than 250 countries and regions connect and share thei...
Entry #177 - Illustration & graphic - by Igorradin

Popular Contest Entries +173 more entries submitted by 28 designers

Entry #177 - Illustration & graphic - by IgorradinEntry #177 - Illustration & graphic - by IgorradinEntry #177 - Illustration & graphic - by IgorradinEntry #176 - Illustration & graphic - by w33la
Our intention is to apply the same design concept to several other US states and other designs

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Still have questions?

How many designers will be working on my project?
A typical contest has dozens of designers competing to produce the best design. The more money you offer, the more designers you'll attract.
What if I don’t like any of the designs that I get?
We have a 100% money-back guarantee! If you don't like any designs, then simply contact us within 60 days and we'll give you a complete refund.
How many design entries will I get to choose from?
On average, we receive 50+ entries per illustration design contest, from dozens of different designers over a 7 day period.
How much does it cost to run an illustration design contest?
You set the budget! Pricing starts at $299 and in general, the more money you offer, the more illustration designs you will have to choose from.
Will the designers tailor their designs to suit my business?
Our designers create designs according to your requirements, so every entry to your design contest is tailor-made just for you!
Can I get designers to revise the designs they create for me?
Absolutely. Designers thrive on guidance, so the more feedback you provide, the better the quality of your finished product.
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