Need UNIQUE iPhone app icon for heart rate watch app!

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Need UNIQUE iPhone app icon for heart rate watch app!


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Build top quality and cutting edge mobile apps for iPhoine, iPad, and Android.



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I have created a heart rate watch application for iPhone. I have attached a picture of what my app looks like. Please look at it so you know better what I am after.

I need an iPhone app icon created for this app that will be eye catching, sharp, and unique. This icon should be very unique so that it gives my app a better chance of being featured by Apple in the AppStore. 

I can't stress it enough that I need a really unique and eye grabbing icon. I am hoping you can make it look like a heart rate watch or something really different. I need to stand out.

I am looking for an icon relevant to my heart rate watch app that is on the same design level as this app icon Obviously, the link here is to a weight loss app and contains a scale that looks like it is being squeezed by a measuring tape. But I would like the icon that you design to be a heart rate watch that looks like my app design screen I have attached or something cool like that. Something unique that pops off the appstore like the icon in the link above.

If you could make the icon look like the heart rate watch in the screenshot I have provided of my app that would be great! I know that iphone app icons cannot use transparency, but if you could do some shading tricks or something to make the icon look like the heart rate watch I would love that.

PLEASE make sure to do a search in iTunes or on your iPhone for heart rate and make sure that your design does not look like something that already exists on the appstore for other heart rate apps!!! I do not want to infringe upon anyone else's app store icon.

The icon needs to be created for 1024x1024 pixels.  

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